Women's Body Wash & Lather

Women's Body Wash & Lather


Lather up in this organic body wash, cleanse and feel refreshed. As with all our products, a little goes a long way.  Treat yourself to 5 different natural fragrances. 

  • Fragrance Descriptions:

    Angel Kiss: Fresh, clean and uplifting. Cotton flower and oceanic notes are highlighted by an intricate blend of hazelnut and jasmine while patchouli and vanilla add to this delicate, yet intense fragrance.

    Hello, Felicia: Exotic, spicy and sweet. Plum, tropical floral and accenting notes of ginger & agave combine to create a truly bold, classy, and delicate fragrance. Designed in honor of my remarkable, stunning and phenomenal mother, Felicia. No more "bye, Felicia." Now, it's "Hello, Felicia!"

    Naked: For those that want the benefits of a luscious body butter without any additional fragrance, this one is for you! Raw, pure, untouched.

    Nanny's Garden: Inspired by my late grandmother, Bertha J. Watson. This scent is sure to remind you of gardens in springtime. Floral notes of rose, freesia and geranium are highlighted by a vanilla bean base creating the perfect bouquet. In memory of my grandmother, with each purchase of this fragrance a proceed of the profits will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Under the Influence: Stimulating, consuming and sensual. Creamy pistachio milk is joined with citrus notes to create the perfect marriage. Melon and vanilla add depth, while hints of amber accentuate this truly amazing fragrance. So intoxicating, it should be illegal if you’re under 21.

    Zen: It’s all about balance. Sweet Asian mandarin and vibrant lemon zest set the foundation for this soothing, yet invigorating fragrance. An intricate union of red apple and olive leaf complimented by base notes of sweet vanilla, soothing sandalwood and aromatic lavender complete this experience.