Men's Signature Body Soufflé

Men's Signature Body Soufflé

  • Fragrance Descriptions:

    Achilles' Heel: The Ying to her Yang. A sophisticated fusion of orange zest and cedar are intensified with notes of balsam, vanilla bean, patchouli and nutmeg. They say scent is one of the most powerful senses, provoking thoughts, emotions and actions. This fragrance will provoke such a response, that even the strongest can’t resist.

    Havana °32: Nice and smooth. Inspired by my late uncle, Greg, also known as "Nice." Aged bourbon is combined with smokey notes of tobacco leaf and guaiacwood to create an ageless, timeless, classic. Cheers to the true gentleman. This one is for you!

    Naked: For those that want the benefits of a luscious body butter without any additional fragrance, this one is for you! Raw, pure, untouched.

    Nocturnal: Unleash your inner animal. Cashmere, bergamot and labdanum notes are intensified with hints of amber, and cedarwood. Raw, pure, wild. 

    The Duke: Exotic, intense and earthy. This fragrance appeals to the hunter...the cultured man with no boundaries. He walks the road less traveled. Tobacco leaf, papaya, sage and amber incense combine to create a uniquely, elemental fragrance.

    The Traveler: For the man who values simplicity. Australian sandalwood is accented with notes of patchouli, grapefruit and lavender while the subtle note of hazelnut provides depth to create a masculine, yet understated fragrance. Designed for one of my favorite men in this whole world, my Padre (Dad), Henry.